Over the past years, we have been to quite a few events, but this one might be our biggest one so far. Our first event of 2024, and it being an AIStrategiesSummit was a truly remarkable experience.

A huge shout out to MeitY- nasscom Center of Excellence for having us as the goldsponsors of the Futurecare event. We are also grateful for the opportunity to host a stall, which enabled us to interact with the other delegates throughout the event.

How Artificial Intelligence is adopted in various sectors and the challenges in adoption being discussed.Usage of AWS AI services to solve some of the healthcare problems have been brought up. The discussion also analyzed using Responsible AI.

As the gold sponsors of the event, we were able to showcase a stall where we could have other delegates of the event visit us and share their stories about AI in their line of work and what they do. A few companies that visited us include Siemens, Baxter, ITC and Standard Chartered, Shell, among a few others. We are grateful for all the delegates that took the time to visit us during the conference to get to know us a bit better and learn about what we do.

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