We offer development services using Open Source Development using LAMP Stack (Linux, Apache, MySql and Php), Java, Node.Js, React, Ruby and Microsoft Technologies using C#.Net, ASP.Net and SqlServer. Some of the development services we offer include Cloud based Solutions, Web Application Development, Custom Product Development, Software Testing, Software Maintenance and Custom Integration Services.

We have delivered Cloud Native, Event Driven, high volume, low latency systems with sophisticated monitoring tools using AWS. The systems we have delivered processes millions of transactions per hour with high concurrency. Some of the projects we have delivered includes data processing optimization using Amazon RDS and Aurora, container based ECS services, serverless systems using AWS Lambdas, Webservices using API Gateways, Data Processing pipelines using Kinesis & Kinesis Analytics, Message Processing Systems using Amazon SQS, S3 based File Processing Systems, CloudWatch metrics using Insight Logs and Monitoring Systems using CloudWatch alarms & PagerDuty.

Having over two years of building enterprise scale cloud-based services and with AWS Certified Engineers, we can help building custom cloud-based solutions for you.

We have experience in developing enterprise scale web applications with complicated workflows. We were engaged in all aspects of development cycle right from requirements to deployment. The applications supports hundreds of concurrent users across various locations in the united states and deal with millions of inventory items, customers and orders. These applications are hosted on customer's data centers. Some of the delivered components include Soap and Rest based WebServices, Background jobs and web application providing multiple views and offer role based security.

Having over 5 years of developing enterprise scale web applications, we can help with your web application development needs.

We have experience developing on-premise and cloud based products. We have been involved in all parts of product development right from requirements to release roll outs. Incremental builds, nightly builds and release builds are generated through Build Automation process. Through Release Management process, product releases are managed across customers and through auto update mechanism, product releases are updated and necessary database migrations are performed.

Having over 8 years of experience in custom enterprise scale product development life cycle, we will be able to work with you and help in building and managing product rollouts matching your requirements.